Our vision

It is our endeavor to serve the farmers and clients with quality products and necessary guidance. In the process, we aim to increase their knowledge and awareness about issues pertaining to plant protection and provide them the latest and world class formulations of enzyme consortia. As we lead, we will also serve, continuing to foster a corporate culture in which serving others is held in the highest regard.

Our Mission

To be an integrated biotechnology enterprise of global distinction.

Essential to this mission is excellence in:

  • Intellectual asset creation through discovery, research and   development
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities
  • Internationally benchmarked quality and regulatory systems
  • Customer relationship through outstanding products and services
  • Human resource development through training, mentoring and empowering
  • Management of research and business partnerships


The story of our growth is aligned with, and has played a proud part in, the rapid emergence of India’s economy and commercial sector and we’ve set our sights on green growth as we continue to expand globally.

The Spirit of Prions and Core values

At Prions, we operate with the spirit of trust and loyalty above all else. They are reflected in our core values and serve as the guiding force behind how we do business and why we innovate.


Prions’s symbol, the “Open leaf” is a combination of dynamic compounds extracted from plants in 2 different color tones. The “Green color open leaf compound” is an essential element of Prions’s corporate branding to clearly express and symbolically visualize its corporate brand identity referring GREEN BIOTECHNOLOGY. In addition, the open flask refers by conveying an image of “Unlimited Growth” through a dynamic expression of ORGANIC ENERGY, Prions acquires its visual equity in an effective way.
Prions BioTech


  • Integrity and Ethical Behaviour
  • Performance driven work culture
  • Value Creation through Innovation & Differentiation
  • Quality through Compliance & Best Practices
  • Collaboration, Team Work & Mutual Respect

Technological capabilities

  • Multi-step chemical process development capability
  • Pilot Plant facility
  • Dedicated Kilo Lab Team
  • Gram/ kilogram syntheses and
  • Multi-Ton manufacturing
  • Experienced & Competent Regulatory team
  • Lead Management Team for customer interface

We offer following services under confidentiality agreement:

  • Cost Competitive Contract manufacturing in adherence to operational safety
  • Cost Competitive Process Development
  • Strategic Partner for Research and Development.

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