Our products are well curated, comprising of selected strains of probiotics and enzymes (ENVIROZYME-PR / SEPTOZYME-PR).


(Enzyme formulation for waste water treatment)
Waste water treatment has assumed great significance in today’s context, where protecting the environment is a prime concern. The main objective of the waste water treatment is to treat the effluent before it is discharged so that the environment is not polluted. Waste water treatment in general refers to treatment of suspended and floatable material, treatment of biodegradable organics and the elimination of pathogenic organisms. The contamination in the waste water are removed by physical, chemical and biological means, these organisms are effectively removed by Envirozyme-PR.
Different probiotics degrade different types of pollutants to varying extends. Most probiotics vary in terms of their efficiency to benefit the associated plants and animals and lastly in their ability to survive stressful conditions. Our products embody highly robust and efficient probiotics which yield the most favorable results. These probiotics and enzymes have the potential to conserve the environment.
Microbes in nature are capable of strikingly different outcomes. These can benefit humans in numerous ways. Interlinked intra and inter-species microbial interactions govern the behavior of microbes. Our extensive study and nearly 2 decades of experience have empowered us to manufacture scientifically tailored combinations of microbes and enzymes that produce the desired outcome.
We can offer the patented Microbial consortia (both powder and liquid form) for the following applications.


  1. To control the BOD, COD and Ph of the waste water
  2. COD and BOD Reduction Microbial Cultures
  3. Municipal Solid Waste Odor Control
  4. ETP Commissioning Microbial Culture
  5. Microbial Culture for Effluent Treatment
  6. Microbial consortia for the septic tank.
  7. Our Bio Clean- L can be used in the Muncipal solid odor control and to get the better compost in the decomposing plants (Sugar industries).


  1. Aerobic bacteria: Less than 1.5 billion colonies/g
  2. Anaerobic bacteria: Less than 2.5 billion colonies/g
  3. Facultative bacteria: Less than 2.0 billion colonies/g
  4. Total plate count: Less than 6.0 billion colonies/g
  5. E. Coli: Absent/1g
  6. Salmonella: Absent/25g
  7. Toxins: Absent/1g


  1. Sludge volume will be reduced more, as more solids are digested.
  2. Remove bad odor.
  3. Sludge will be easier to pump, process and dewater and will have less odor too.
  4. The capacity of the system will be effectively increased, because more waste can be processed, more effectively in, in less time.
  5. Easier to balance the treatment system.
  6. Bacterial oxidation of the liquid phase will be faster and more complete.
  7. Digesters will operate evenly and uniformly, easier planning and routine waste.


(Enzymatic formulation for Compost Degradation)
In the composting process biochemical reaction of different micro-organisms carries out degradation of organic matter to produce compost. This product is made from a combination of such fungus & microbes, which break down organic matter by attacking cellulose & thus initiating composting activity & humus formation.


Mix 1 Liter of BIO CLEAN – L with 10 kg dung slurry. Prepare a hip of waste material up to 6-8 inches in height. Spray the above said mixture onto the heap. Similar 6-8 layers can be over loaded on the top of 1st layer. Spread slurry on each layer.



(Enzymatically proven formulation for Septic tank)
Prions Biotech offers enzyme blend SEPTOZYME- PR. The Septozyme is a new concept in bath room cleaners. Its active ingredients have been developed by Indian Biotechnology company (PRIONS BIOTECH). This formulation contains encapsulated organisms that digest, organic matter and a detergent cleaning substance that also has been made by micro organisms.


  1. High concentrated formula.
  2. Maximum odor elimination.
  3. Reduces sludge.
  4. Effective under wide range of conditions.
  5. Work under both aerobic and anaerobic conditions.
  6. Can with stand toxic shock loads.
  7. Prevent backups.
  8. Never stops working.
  9. Maximum operational savings.
  10. Safe environmental friendly.


Use 1000ml of Septozyme- PR per 40000 ltr tank. It has to flush down plumbing outlets at night with water. Each application may be rotated to different outlets like Toilet, Bath, Sink and Basin etc.



(Enzyme and culture formulation for Bio gas)
Methano Booster- PR contains microorganisms that produce methane as a metabolic byproduct in anoxic conditions. They uniquely belong to the domain of archaea. The biological production of methane, also termed methanogenesis, is generally confined to where sulfates are depleted, below the top layers.


The reduction of carbon dioxide into methane in the presence of hydrogen can be expressed as follows:
CO2 + 4 H2 → CH4 + 2H2O

Advantages and Benefits of Methano Booster- PR


  1. Significant improvement in methanogenic bacterial growth. Provides a non-polluting and renewable source of energy.
  2. Produces enriched organic manure, which can supplement or even replace chemical fertilizers.
  3. Leads to improvement in the environment, and sanitation and hygiene.
  4. Provides a source for decentralized power generation.
  5. Household wastes and bio-wastes can be disposed of usefully and in a healthy manner.
  6. The technology is cheaper and much simpler than those for other bio-fuels, and it is ideal for small scale application.
20 Ppm/ m3 of wash.


Samples, Trial protocol, COA and Data sheets are available upon request.

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