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Cleanliness is next to godliness. A well said proverb that truly demonstrates its meaning in true sense. Everyone deserves and needs to maintain cleanliness in order to ensure a good physical as well as mental health. Thus the safe cleaning products are always a solution for personal and industrial use.


What are Organic Cleaners?

Organic Cleaners are literally an Organic product that is made from the living such as a plant, vegetable or fruit. Sustainable and organic farming practices have successfully helped to create such products.

Organic cleaners are available in the market as organic floor cleaners, organic toilet cleaners, and organic glass cleaners. These all very safe cleaning products and easily available in online and offline markets. Even the international markets observe a great emphasis on organic cleaning as they don’t contain any harmful chemical formulations. Such products ensure zero toxic content and are environment friendly.  Organic floor cleaners are equipped with fragrance and kill almost all microorganisms lying on the floor.


How are Organic Cleaners different from Inorganic Cleaners?

Organic Cleaners are typically floral compounds like fats, sucrose stearate, Cetearyl alcohol, glycerine, alcohol, water, witch hazel, waxes, oils, lecithin, etc. Gums, colloids, aromas, bee wax, honey, pollen, etc. are amongst the list of other such plant-derived compounds used in making this organic cleaning solution. Certain fragrant versions are commonly chosen for organic glass cleaners, organic floor cleaners and even for organic toilet cleaners. Apart from these above-mentioned formulas, there are some organic mineral salts, citric acid, etc. that affirm the cleaning effect in these solutions.

On the other hand, the inorganic cleaners comprise harsh and strong Petroleum products, synthetically synthesized polymers, chemical preservatives, and PVP. Synthetic Fragrances that are nothing but phthalates and silicon based ingredients are used that can cause skin damage upon repetitive usage.  The presence of chemicals makes it cautious to be used in the presence of infants and it also disrupts the overall environmental damage fora safe home or industrial surroundings.


The market for Organic Cleaning Products

There has been a moving trend for organic products. Safe cleaning products are what everyone desires and is very well assured by organic products. A world survey data shows that the market space for organic cleaning products has the potential to reach the net worth of USD 27.83 billion by 2024.  As there is a greater emphasis on natural products, there is a growing fondness for eco-friendly cleaning solution s with an annual growth of 6.50 % per annum. As of now, these products are more consumed via offline mode as compared to online mode, the offline mode allows consumers to look for assurance as far as ingredients are concerned. Therefore, there is an assured scope of growth in the organic cleaners segment.


The Bottom Line

Prions Biotech, a leading biotechnology company, headquartered in Belgaum, Karnataka, has pledged to create a safer solution for the environment while manufacturing and supplying 100 % organic products. The company has been providing customized products for several industrial segments like Food, Animal Health, Wastewater management solutions, etc.

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