Prions Biotech is a leader in producing and marketing of concept driven industrials bio product for the Food, Agri, Renewable energy, Waste water and Beverages industry.


At Prions Biotech, we believe in carving this world’s bright future! All our processes, right from research, manufacturing and supply chain, are well curated. We implement innovative methods and novel technologies to foster a sense of curiosity and impact the lives of millions. We aspire to nurture thought processes that are not limited by functional and geographic limitations.
Team Prions rests on the highly demanding sectors of research, manufacturing and sales along with marketing. As a researcher and manufacturer one may be expected to continually optimize processes which surpass user expectations tremendously. The importance of an ongoing dialogue between users and marketing personnel cannot be undermined. This helps understand the needs of our clients better and make the effect of products more pronounced. A cohesive staff unit, combining Communications, HR, Finances and IT, is the back bone of our business set up! This has ensured the smooth functioning our firm and has propelled it to greater heights of excellence.
It is our constant endeavor to challenge preconceived beliefs. We believe in providing all our employees a platform for their individual growth and development. With our perpetual innovation and dynamic business environment, numerous opportunities are bestowed upon employees to unleash their potential.

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Become Leader in Probiotics Products for Food, Agri, Renewable energy, Waste water and Beverages industry
  1. Talent Is Our Most Important Asset
  2. We go to great lengths to attract and nurture highly motivated people who share our core values of challenge, dedication and integrity.
  3. In an environment of trust and loyalty, we support our talent every step of the way, cultivating world-class leaders for an ever brighter future.

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