Prions Biotech and Its Contribution towards an Environment-friendly 2021

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The outbreak of a pandemic depicted something very important universally- That we are one planet, with all species, countries, and geopolitical issues interconnected. Our Mother Earth does not observe national or even physical borders and can be beautifully nurtured by our collaborative action. The pandemic and the year 2020 had a lot of lessons to teach us and the best one was that mankind can give rise to a greener global future. There could be so many innovative ideas to recovering and conservating biodiversity for future generations and all forms of life on this planet. Some natural stimulus measures can pay a long way and contribute to the goodness strategies.

The Composting Culture- Solid Waste Management has been a real threat as the volume from households increased manifestly. Treating the effluent before it is discharged gets crucial to prevent any environmental pollution. The natural treatment methods need to be balanced so that composting piles do not attract insects and flies. Inappropriate composting methods in households lead to foul smell. While being indoors, home gardening became a favourite productive pastime and the use of natural enzymes and microbial cultures ensured generating fertile manure. Innovative solutions like the solid waste management enzymes from Prions Biotech were a real blessing. They helped reduce the sludge volume as solid digestion was enabled faster. The microbes accentuate the decomposition of waste very quickly without the foul smell lingering for long.

Enzymes & Microbial Cultures for Solid Waste Management

Waste Water Management– This bio-augmentation natural technology can degrade the sludge in wastewater and help to get clear water. The Septozyme-PR formula by Prion Biotech is a novel formulation designed for perfect wastewater management.

GMP Certified Enzymes & Microbial Cultures for Effluent Treatment`

Animal Health– Exposure to environmental chemicals is known to contaminate the quality of milk by the livestock. There could even be a variability in the yield of the animals. Protecting the cattle from pathogens plays an important role where the digestive enzymes can improve the total milk yield as well as enhance the nutrition assimilation by animals. Adopting these environmentally friendly feeds with a plethora of enzymes and probiotics can also guarantee the ability of cattle to nourish their infants.  Any unsustainable dairy farming and feed production can lead to the loss of ecologically important areas, such as prairies, wetlands, and forests, and these even help in the conservation and the sanctity of forest life. The same is the case with poultry animals where the beneficial feed can increase the thickness of eggs as well as the hatchability.

GMP Certifiied Enzymes And Probiotics

Aquaculture management– Sustainable aquaculture growth is key to easing pressure on fish stocks, which are globally under stress as a result of overfishing. Prions Biotech specializes in the synthesis of a highly concentrated formula of probiotic and organic waste digesting microbes called the Aqua gut Pro- PR to increase the fish and shrimp health survival and growth. These aqua enzymes can improve water quality and feed conversion. This is the most environmentally friendly way to increase survival by reinforcing the body’s natural defense mechanisms, increasing disease resistance, and also suppressing potentially harmful bacteria.

GMP Certified Enzymes & Microbial Cultures for Effluent Treatment (NPOP Certified Organic Inputs)

Eco-friendly Agricultural Practices-Organic practices imply the use of organic nutrients and the adoption of natural methods in place of pesticides and fertilizers. The global population is increasing, the agriculture industry needs to catch pace with the increasing demand. Eco-friendly farming and smarter farming can save up on resources like conserving water and energy, increase healthier yields, and adopt new solutions for healthier mankind.

Npop Certified Organic Inputs For Agriculture

Adoption of such positive changes in lifestyle during the Covid Pandemic has taught us more largely to conserve what we are blessed with. Celebrate by treating yourself and the planet by going green–tech!

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