A proven enzymatic formulation for molasses fermentation

(Ferm Max-PR)

Ferm Max- PR is a propriety blend of enzymes and is product by its solid state fermentation. Fermentation booster that find application in the manufacture of starch & alcohol Industry. It helps in elimination of lactobacillus contamination and biocides antibiotics.

Benefits of Distillery Enzymes for Molasses Fermentation (Fermentation Booster):

  1. Increases in efficiency leads to proportionate increase in CO2 collection.
  2. Elimination of lactobacillus contamination. Elimination of biocides antibiotics.
  3. Reduction in yeast invigorates.
  4. Fermentation enzymes for reduction in anti-foam agents.
  5. Reduction in scaling.
  6. Fermentation Efficiency increases 2%-3%
  7. These distillery enzymes helps in reduction of RS
  8. Increases of alcohol 0.3%-0.5%
  9. Reduction of volatile acidity
Enzymes for Molasses Storage Tank

A proven enzymatic formulation for molasses storage tank  


PRIONS BIOTECH introduces MOL SAFE-PR which is customized cocktail of enzymes which takes control over the above said problems and thus retains the quality of molasses during the storage.

Benefits of Fermentation Enzymes for Molasses Storage Tank Enzymes:

  1. Reduction in volatile acid content by minimum 40-50%
  2. Effectively increases Molasses shelf life by controlling Millard reaction.
  3. It is a pure bio-product having no chemicals.
  4. Partially hydrolyses Non reducing sugar into Fermentable sugar.


Mol Safe- A: 25PPM (One time Dosage)

Mol Safe-B: 25PPM (Once in a month Dosage)

Enzymatic Formulation for Molasses Storage Tank

HIGH ALC (DY)-PR – High Alcohol Yeast Resistant

It is specifically selected high alcohol yeast resistant to high temperature, alcohol and acid, and can be widely applied in the alcohol; potable spirit brewing that adopts starch bearing materials as Molasses, dry sweet potato, maize, rice, cassava, sorghum, etc.

Specifications of High Alcohol Yeast Resistant:

  • Moisture (%) < 6.50
  • The rate of living yeast cells (%) > 80
  • Total Yeast Count (10
  • 8/g) > 200
  • Total Bacterial Count < 80000
  • Salmonella sp. Negative

Dosage : 0.5 to 0.6 kg/T of dry starch / 05-06 Kg per lakh liters of wash

High Alcohol Yeast Resistant

A Proven Powdered Yeast Nutrient and Enzyme Complex


It is a proprietary blend of yeast nutrient complex and Distillery Enzymes that promotes and sustains yeast cell propagation and viability, thus promoting an active and efficient ethanol fermentation. Supplementation of Macro and Micro nutrients fosters consistent trend improvement.


  • Promotes yeast cell propagation and viability
  • Aids in the increasing cell mass during propagation
  • Promotes consistent fermentation and yields
  • Aids yeast in competitively excluding contaminating bacteria.
  • Total replacement of Urea, DAP and Magnesium sulphate
  • Completely soluble at use concentrations
  • Complete environmental package with supplementation of macro and micro nutrients.
Bend of Yeast Nutrient and Enzyme Complex

A unique formulation for CPU water to control contamination


Ferm Safe-PR is a distinctive enzyme masterpiece. It has been designed for reduce TVA level in CPU water, Improvement of alcohol yield and control the process demerits to increase the overall process efficiency. It is blend of selected distillery enzymes to control the intermediate volatile acidity production in the conventional continuous process of molasses fermentation resulting increase process efficiency and alcohol yield.

Dosage of Enzyme to Reduce TVA Level in CPU Water:

25PPM on total water volume

Benefits of Enzyme for CPU Water to Control Contamination:

  1. Reduces TVA level in CPU water and wash by 40-50%
  2. Over all improvement in process efficiency.
  3. 100% Organic environment friendly product.
TVA Reduction in CPU Water

A Unique Silica formulation to reduce the foam during Fermentation  


Defoaming Agent (Defoamers) and Antifoaming Agents

Specialty of foaming ingredients, due to various nature of input solids and operating conditions, process severe problems in handling of molasses fermentation etc. thus resulting in high consumption of defoaming and antifoaming agents (antifoamers).

It is right time to give a thought over modern concept of Eco friendly defoamers and antifoaming agents (antifoamers) so as to meet the global standards.

Belgaum based Prions Biotech has developed a unique formulation of Silicon based natural formulation FOAM BAN – PR to put the full stop for the Foams

A Unique Silica formulation to reduce the foam during Fermentation

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