Organic Cleaning Solution, Terrace Gardening Kit & Organic Inputs for Acquarium

Prions offers solutions for hotels, offices and homes. Prions championed in developing all-natural, human and environment friendly alternatives against standard chemical products available in the market.

With the tag line of RECONNECTING NATURE we involved in developing enzymatic solutions at affordable rates. Our products are the result of more than 05 years of research. Our motto is to apply the Bio augmentation technology to routine life problems.

Organic cleaning solution for Septic tank and Urinal bowls


Septoclean-PR is a new concept in bathroom cleaner developed by Indian Biotechnology company Prions Biotech. This formulation contains encapsulated endospore forming bacilli and Enzymes.

Benefits of Organic Bathroom Cleaner:

  1. Sludge reduction.
  2. No more backups.
  3. No more flies.
  4. Effective under wide range of conditions.
  5. Clean Septic imparts happy living.
Organic Cleaning Solution for Urinal Bowls

NPOP Certified Organic Terrace Gardening Kit

Organic certified (Vedic) products develops the root system of the plant by providing the Macro nutrients and Silicon

Organic certified (Vedic) products develops the root system of the plant by providing the Macro nutrients and Silicon.

  • It will increases the plant’s ability to assimilate nutrients from the soil and enriches soil microflora.
  • Boosts plant immunity and protects against disease
  • Induces better flowering and fruiting conditions
  • 100% organic NPOP certified user friendly terrace garden kit.
NPOP Certified Organic Terrace Gardening Kit

CAA Approved Organic Inputs for your Aquariums

Prions offers Antibiotic free organic feed additives to your aquarium. Aqua Gut Pro-PR break down and utilise the ammonia in aquarium water eliminating the possibility of ammonia toxicity. They also rapidly break down and utilise nutrients in the water, limiting the growth and proliferation of pathogens and algae. Multi enzymes will help in increasing the digestibility of the fish. As a result, turbidity is also significantly reduced which means fewer water changes.

Aqua Gut Pro-PR (Probiotic and Organic Waste Digesting Microbes for Aquaculture)

Aqua Gut Pro- PR is an easy to apply, highly concentrated formula of probiotic and organic waste digesting microbes developed for use in fresh, brackish and salt water rearing and aquaculture and shrimp production.

Aqua Gut Pro-PR is a direct apply product containing all the necessary nutrients, enzymes and carbon to rapidly increase the population of beneficial and desirable microbes to improve shrimp health, survival and growth.

  1. Increases immunity, health, and survival: The probiotic bacteria are consumed and inhibit attachment by bacteria like Vibrio, Streptococcus, and other gram-negative pathogens.
  2. Improves water quality.
  3. Removing organic waste.
  4. Increases in growth rates are documented between 10% and 35%. Feed tends to be the most expensive portion of production costs and improving feed conversion saves you money.
  5. More consistent sized animals, improved stress tolerance, reduction or elimination of antibiotic use, reduced water exchanges, lower electrical demand, and improved flavor and texture.
  6. Stress Tolerance.
  7. Disease Resistance.
  8. Growth Consistency.
  9. Increase Survival.
  10. Improves Feed Conversion Rate.
Aqua Gut Pro Pr Formula of Probiotic and Organic Waste Digesting Microbes

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