At Prions, we believe that microbes and plants are intimate partners in virtually every life processes. So, it’s a probiotic in plant science. These biological products are effective, eco-friendly, cost-effective for the farmers. Prions is committed to be the agricultural input industries preferred provider of Microbial based crop protection inputs, growth enhancement and soil health improvement products. Prions rely in ‘Innovate safe and sustainable biological solutions for improving livelihood of farmers’.
Prions is committed to provide the green solutions in Bio Agriculture space to improve yield, improve soil health and offer biological disease control.

Soil Enhancer & Plant Growth Biostimulant


Black Gold-PR is combination of Organic extracted from Hypnus peat moss and Silica. It is produced in accordance with NOSB (National organic standard board guidelines) It is environmentally safe and not harm full to plant and animals.


  1. An effective Soil enhancer
  2. A plant growth bio stimulant
  3. A chealating agent and disease supprescent.
  4. High in Humic acid, Fulvic acid, Auxin, Vitamins etc.
  5. Promote nutrient uptake
  6. Accelerate seed germination
  7. Increase crop yields.
Chealating Agent and Disease Supprescent

Soil Conditioner for Water & Soil Retention

Water Lock-PR

Water Lock-PR is a unique formulation of Prions Biotech. It is a formulation of soil conditioner specially designed and developed for water and nutrient retention and its release in substrates and soil. Its non toxic, user friendly and environmentally safe.

Benefits of Soil Conditioner for Water & Soil Retention:-

  • Increases the overall growth of the plant.
  • Increases the development of beneficial soil microflora.
  • 20% decrease in the use of chemical fertilizer.
  • Compatible with all organic and inorganic fertilizers.
  • 100% water soluble and residue free product.
  • Improves nutrient uptake.
  • Improves water holding capacity.
  • Easy to use. Apply it to the root zone of the plants.
  • Improves physical properties of the soil with good aeration and maintain the constant temperature in the soil.
  • Higher water availability avoids the water stress.
  • Increases germination rate.
Soil Conditioner for Nutrient Retention

A Novel EPN Technology from NBAIR for White Grub  

(GRUB BAN-PR (NPOP/IM/16219758))

Grub Ban- PR is an effective solution for the management of white-grubs in areca nut, sugarcane, banana, cardamom, groundnut, potato, corn and turf grass. Grub Ban- PR contains infective juveniles of Entomopathogenic nematodes, Heterorhabditis indica. Grub Ban- PR kills the grubs very quickly through its unique mechanism of action.

  • Quick and effective control of root grubs
  • Safe, environmental and farmer’s friendly
  • Does not create resistance, resurgence and residues problem.
  • Does not affect the natural enemies and offers a long lasting pest control.
  • Forms a good molecule for use in IPM program and thereby helps to reduce the pesticide load.
  • Helps to increase the productivity by controlling pests.
A Novel EPN Technology from NBAIR for White Grub

Specialist Organic Fertilizer

(SAMPURNA (NPOP/IM/16219758))

SAMPURNA is a unique specialist fertilizer consisting of Organic carbon, Organic Booster like amino acids, effective AIMS (Agriculturally Important Micro-Organisms) like Nitrogen fixing bacteria (Nitrobacter), Phosphorous solubilising bacteria and also trace amounts of essential minerals. SAMPURNA intended to provide most comprehensive crop nutrition which improve Physico-Chemical and Biological properties of soil ecosystem, while enhancing crop productivity. SAMPURNA complies the FCO specification.

Organic Bio Fertilizer

Enzyme Rich in Humic and Fulvic Acid


Humizyme-PR, rich in Humic and fulvic acid is manufactured using oxidative fermentation process and is enriched with PGR’s. Humic and fulvic acids are the most characteristic compounds of soil humic substances and the primary constituents of organic matter of the soil apart from high carbon supply.

Antifoaming Agents in Fermentation

Organic Inputs for Plant Growth, Flower & Fruit Formation


Specially formulated for better growth, Flower and quality fruit produce, this product contains all the nutrients required to the plant.

Advantages of Organic Inputs

  1. Better growth, Flower and Fruit Formation and improved quality.
  2. Healthy greenish leaf development.
  3. Promotes synthesis of sugar.
  4. Acts as an organic catalyst that stimulates root growth and helps in cell division.
  5. Increases root vitality.
  6. Improves nutrient uptake which leads to better synthesis of chlorophyll.
Organic Flower and Fruit Nutrition for Better Growth


  • Bio Clean-PR helps in quick decomposition of leaves, small twigs and other litter material such as coffee berry husk without any loss of nutrients especially nitrogen. This decomposing culture also helps in narrowing down the C:N ratio.
  • A variety of cellulolytic and lignolytic fungi, bacteria and actinomycetes are combined in this formulation.
  • Dosage : 1Kg of Bio Clean-PR /01 ton of waste material
Bio Clean Decomposing Culture

Organic Microbial Formulation Containing Strains of Bacteria

(NANO BIO- NPK (PR) (NPOP/IM/16219758))

NANO BIO-NPK is a organic microbial formulation containing strains of bacteria able to synthesize/assimilate atmospheric nitrogen, solubilizes phosphate and potash into available form, thereby supplementing balance nutrition to the crops. It converts non available forms of micro nutrients into available form.

Bio-N: 5 X10^9 CFU/gm
Bio-P: 5 X10^9CFU/gm
Bio-K: 5 X10^9 CFU/gm

Organic Micro Nutrition to Crops

Bacterial Consortia of Tricho, Pseudo, Azoto and VAM


A unique consortia of Tricho, Pseudo, Azoto and VAM. Dosage: 02Kg/Acre

Benefits of Bacterial Consortia of Tricho, Pseudo, Azoto and VAM:

  1. Enlarged Root System: Used as a rooting solution for cuttings, it will promote strong and vigorous development of roots giving the cuttings a superior chance of surviving.
  2. Improvement of soil texture: Used as a general organic soil treatment, the solution encourages stronger, healthier plants that have a greater resistance to diseases.
  3. Excellent Seed Germination: Seeds that are soaked in the solution will have an improved percentage of germination and the roots and seedlings will enjoy enhanced vitality.
  4. Longer Plant Life: When applied as a foliar spray to flowers a day or two before cutting, liquid seaweed extract will give the cut flowers a longer life.
A Unique Consortia of Tricho

Soil Inoculant – Ecto and Endo Mycorrhizae Composition for Agriculture


(A unique Ecto and Endo Mycorrhizae composition for Agriculture)

VAM-PR is a powerful soil inoculant that combines beneficial root colonizing fungi — 8 super-strains of mycorrhizae and 2 species of trichoderma – with amino acids, kelp extracts and humic acids. These beneficial fungi for plants encourage root growth.


Paddy, Grapes, Potatoes, Cotton, Sugar cane, Banana, Papaya, Chillies, Brinjal, Tomato, Okra, Groundnut, Rose, Jerbera, Capsicum, Ginger, Turmeric, Mango, Spota, Pomegranate, Orange, Citrus, Coffee, Tea , Beetroot, Sunflower, Caster, Wheat, Sorghum ,Cucurbits, Watermelon, Muskmelon Legumes, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Coconut.


VAM-PR 2-4 kg per Acre.  Cell count: 250000 IP/g


  • Enhanced growth and nutrient uptake • Resistance to transplant shock • Vigorous Plants • Stress resistance • Improved plant quality, yields and vigor
Ecto and Endo Mycorrhizae composition for Agriculture

A proven soil conditioner for all crops


JADOO ULTRA is a unique formulation of Prions Biotech. It is a formulation of 90% Water soluble Humic acid, Fulvic acid, Sea weed extract, Amino acids and Enzymes. It can be mixed with water thoroughly to produce liquid formulation, resulting organic formulation compatible with fertilizers and Micro nutrients.

BENEFITS of soil conditioner :-

  • Increases the overall growth of the plant.
  • Increases the development of beneficial soil microflora.
  • 20% decrease in the use of chemical fertilizer.
  • Compatible with all organic and inorganic fertilizers.
  • 100% water soluble and residue free product.
  • Improves nutrient uptake.
  • Improves water holding capacity
A proven soil conditioner for all crops

A unique enzyme and organic acid based Larvicide


Target- PR is a consortium of both organic and Enzyme derivatives.  It is produced by specially developed advance Nanotechnology in the appropriate scientific concentrations, which gives the excellent offer for the Larval pest management in all agriculture crops.

A unique enzyme and organic acid based Larvicide

NPOP Certified Organic Wetter/Spreader/ penetrant

(Green Stick-PR (NPOP/IM/16219758))

Green Stick-PR is a non-ionic wetter/spreader/penetrant for use with agricultural chemicals.

It improves wetting and penetration of plant foliage to result in superior weed control

Green Stick-PR is unique liquid silicon based organic formulation contains organic adjuvants. It is a all purpose low foaming sticker and activator with unique rain forestness properly for use on plants to maximize the effectiveness and efficacy designed for quick wetting.

NPOP Certified Organic Wetter/Spreader/ penetrant

Organic Flower and Fruit Booster


Speed-PR is a uniqe organic consortia of Growth hormones like Auxin, Gibberlic acid and Cytokinin. It induces the plant growth, flowering and Fruit set. It will prevent the flower fall and supports the plant to hold the flowers and to produce the new branches.

liquid SPEED-PR brings to the garden. Generally the plants, flowers, grass and crops become vigorous and healthier. More fruit will develop, grass will be lush and green, flowers become more numerous and are more vivid and crops will be in greater abundance. Liquid seaweed concentrate contains starches called alginates that act like sponges. These alginates hold and supply water droplets near to a plants roots giving a more even supply of moisture to the plants. Promotes balanced growth of plants and increases bloom set and size of flowers & fruits.

Organic Flower and Fruit Booster

Plant Disease Controller – Protects the Plant Roots from Soil Pathogenic Fungi


Tricho Rich-PR contains Trichoderma Viride an antagonistic fungus that protects the plant roots from soil pathogenic fungi like Rhizoctinia sp. Pythium and prevents major diseases like Stem rot, root rot, Damping off etc.

Benefits of Plant Disease Controller:

  • Effective control of plant disease
  • Safe and environmental friendly.
  • Solubilize phosphate and micronutrients.
  • Produces antifungal enzymes like Chitinase, protease and toxins.
Trichoderma Viride an Antagonistic Fungus Plant Roots Protector


ORGANIC –PHOS bacteria converts unavailable phosphorous into available phosphorous and make it available to plant. These bacteria are use full for all crops.
Drenching: Ratio 1:100 PSB mix to the 100 Lit water and apply this mixture through drip per 01 Acre.

Phosphorous Bacteria Use Full for All Crops

ORGANIC- POTASH (Bio Fertilizer)


ORGANIC- POTASH is a bio fertilizer based on the selective strain of potash solubilizing frateuria. bacteria. The cells of frateuria aurantia contained in the product on reaching the soil gets activated and produce fresh batches of active cells. These cells grow and multiply by utilizing the carbon source in the soil or from the root exudates during their growth. They solubilize the feed potash in the soil and make it available to the plant in an easily usable form.

Selective Strain of Organic Potash Solubilizing Frateuria


LARWIN-PR (NPOP/IM/16219758)


BACURE-PR (NPOP/IM/16219758)

Npop certified organic cide for white flys

FLYWIN-PR (NPOP/IM/16219758)






HIGROW-PR (NPOP/IM/16219758)

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