Probiotic & Enzymes for Aquaculture Management
(CAA Approved Organic Inputs for Aquaculture and Hatcheries)


For nearly a Five years Prions Biotech has established itself as a leader and innovator in beneficial microbe production and aquaculture management. Our extensive knowledge and technical expertise in aquaculture operations helps give our customers an innovative edge by providing them with the latest, most cost-effective technology available. Trusted brand names like Aqua Gut Pro-PR, Aqua Balance-PR, Aqua Max-PR and Bio Aqua Clean-PR have become the gold standard for aquaculture farms and hatcheries throughout the world.

Probiotic, Enzymes to Improve Water Quality & Shrimp Health

(Aqua Gut Pro-PR)

Enzymes for Aquaculture and Shrimp Productions

Aqua Gut Pro- PR is an easy to apply, highly concentrated formula of probiotic and organic waste digesting microbes developed for use in fresh, brackish and salt water rearing and aquaculture and shrimp production.

Aqua Gut Pro-PR is a direct apply product containing all the necessary nutrients, enzymes and carbon to rapidly increase the population of beneficial and desirable microbes to improve shrimp health, survival and growth.

  1. Increases immunity, health, and survival: The probiotic bacteria are consumed and inhibit attachment by bacteria like Vibrio, Streptococcus, and other gram-negative pathogens.
  2. These Aqua Enzymes improve water quality.
  3. Removing organic waste.
  4. Increases in growth rates are documented between 10% and 35%. Feed tends to be the most expensive portion of production costs and improving feed conversion saves you money.
  5. Aqua Gut Probiotics for more consistent sized animals, improved stress tolerance, reduction or elimination of antibiotic use, reduced water exchanges, lower electrical demand, and improved flavor and texture.
  6. Stress Tolerance.
  7. Disease Resistance.
  8. Aqua Gut Probiotics provide growth Consistency.
  9. These Aqua Enzymes increase survival.
  10. These Shrimp Probiotics Improve Feed Conversion Rate.
Aqua Gut Pro Pr Formula of Probiotic and Organic Waste Digesting Microbes

Probiotic to Improve Water Quality, Health & Growth of Fish

(Aqua Balance-PR)

Probiotic for Fish & Sellfish Growth, Water Quality Improvement

  • Probiotic
  • Improves Growth & Survival
  • Improves Water Quality
  • Reduces Ammonia, Nitrite and Nitrate*
  • Digests Organic Sludge
  • Improves Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR)
  • Patented Formula

When introduced into aquaculture ponds Aqua Balance-PR creates improved water quality beneficial to health and growth. Aqua Balance-PR produces small peptides that have a probiotic effect on fish and shellfish, improving survival. Aqua Balance-PR creates a natural, beneficial  Bio-Floc, while reducing ammonia, nitrite and nitrate. Aqua Balance-PR digests organic solids and bottom sludge.

Aqua Balance PR Digests Organic Solids

Chelated Nutrients and Probiotics for Benefits of Closed Systems

(Aqua Max-PR)

Chelated Nutrients and Probiotics for Benefits of Closed Systems to Cage culture

  • Increase Survival
  • Increase Health and Immunity
  • Improve Feed Conversion Rates
  • Increase Growth

Until now cage culture faced challenges not experienced in closed systems. Aqua Max-PR was developed to bring the benefits of closed systems to cage culture. Chelated Nutrients and Probiotics are proven to increase survival by reinforcing the body’s natural defense mechanisms, increasing disease resistance and suppressing potentially harmful bacteria.


Probiotic for Sludge Treatment & Water Quality Improvement

(Bio Aqua Clean-PR)

Probiotic to Improve Water Quality & Sludge Treatment

  • Probiotic Formula
  • Unique Patented Formula
  • Digests Organic Sludge
  • Improves FCR
  • Reduces TDS and TSS

Bio Aqua Clean-PR combines the best probiotic and water conditioning bacteria in one formula. Bio Aqua Clean-PR creates improved water quality beneficial to health and growth. Bio Aqua Clean-PR produces small peptides that have a probiotic effect on fish, improving survival. Bio Aqua Clean-PR creates a natural, beneficial Bio-Floc, while reducing ammonia, nitrite and nitrate. Bio Aqua Clean-PR digests organic solids and bottom sludge.

Bio Aqua Clean PR Combines The Best Probiotic and Water Conditioning Bacterial Formula

A proven Aqua Probiotics and Enzymes for Biofloc System  


Prions offers High quality Bio augmentation technology product (Multi enzymes and Probiotics) for Bio Floc system. Contains Bacillus species (B. Megatarium, B. licheniformis, B. polymixa, B. firmus, B. mesentricus, B. denitrificans etc.), Pediococcus and other denitrifying bacterias and Multi enzymes)


  1. Aqua Biofloc Pro- PR increase survival up to 100%.
  2. Increases in growth rates are documented between 10% and 35%.
  3. Aqua Biofloc Pro- PR is reported to reduce the stress of Fish, shrimp and shrimp farmers.
  4. Drastic reduction in the Ammonia and Hydrogen sulfide levels.
  5. Reduces chances of off flavor problems.
  6. Improves and maintains algal quality
  7. Reduces VIBRIO- Healthier pond
  8. Increased yield and ultimately more profit in aquaculture shrimp production.
  9. These shrimp probiotics increase animal Immunity
  10. Improved stress Tolerance
  11. Improved Disease Resistance
  12. Maintains Growth Consistency
  13. These Aqua Probiotics increase survival rate
  14. Improves Feed Conversion Rate

Dosage: 1-2 Kg per Acre

A proven Aqua Probiotics and Enzymes Formulation for Biofloc System

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