The origin of the contaminating microorganisms has been traced to the soil adhering to the sugarcane stalks and leaves. Upon harvesting, the cut ends of the cane stalks are open to microbial infection originating not only from the soil and surrounding plant matter, but also from the contact with contaminated cane knives.

During sugarcane processing most of the microorganisms which infect the cane stalks are washed off into the extracted juice this is an excellent substrate for microorganisms in which they utilize the sucrose for growth with the concomitant excretion of their metabolic products (acids, alcohols and polysaccharides) into the surrounding environment.

A unique Dextranase formulation for Sugar industry  


DEX-PR is a unique formulation of Dextranase which hydrolyzes Alpha-1,6 glucosidic linkage of dextran. It is produced by chaetomium sp. Dextran is a polysaccharide which is composed of alpha-1,6 linkage glucose unit. This polysaccharide is produced by some micro organisms such as Leuconostoc mesenteroides. When harvesting sugar cane is damaged climatically or mechanically and such microorganisms will attach the damaged portion, the microorganisms will assimilate the cane sugar and produce viscous dextran.

At a cane sugar refinery, dextran containing juice shows low filtration rate and poor crystallization of sucrose. Dex- PR is a endo splitting type dextranase and hydrolyzes the dextran rapidly.


  • Competent degradation of dextrin.
  • Reduction in final molasses purity and molasses to sugar cane ratio.
  • Improved in clarity of juice clarifier.
  • Improvement in filterability.
  • Improves clarification and crystallization of sucrose.
  • Reduces over all viscosity and ensures improved pan boiling.
  • Increased sugar quality and process efficiency.
  • A guarantee that production process will always run smoothly and efficiently with this sugar processing chemical.
A unique Dextranase formulation for Sugar industry

A unique High temperature Endo- Alpha Amylase formulation for Sugar industry  


It has been proved that starch slows down the filtration of sugar liquor in the refining of sugar. It is claimed that it exerts a considerable influence on the viscosity that it might double the viscosity. Further it is well known that starch retards the rate of crystallization of sucrose.

HTAA-PR (sweetness booster for sugar cane juice processing) is an endo-amylase, catalyzes the release of successive glucose units from non-reducing ends of dextrin and oligosaccharide chains by hydrolyzing both linear and branched glucosidic linkages. It contains extracellular enzyme produced by controlled fermentation of a selected strain of Aspergillus niger.

HTAA-PR is an endo-amylase that hydrolysis the alpha-1, 4-glucosidic bonds in amylose and amylopectin. It is used for glucose production from Saccharified starch. It is important to understand that starch is actually a complex sugar. Each starch molecule is long chain of up to a thousand glucose molecules bonded either in a straight line or branching like the leafless arm of tree.


  • Prolonged use is seen to improve in ICUMSA.
  • Competent degradation of starch into dextran and glucose.
  • Elevated sugar yields.
  • Reduced risk of infection due to high temperature and low operating Ph.
  • Reduced color formation leads to lowering refining needs reducing over all process costs.
  • Improved crystallization and evaporation efficiency.
  • Reduced starch losses with sugar enzymes.
  • Low treatment costs and dosages.
  • Increased sugar quality with sugar enzymes.

A guarantee that production process will always run smoothly and efficiently

A unique High temperature Endo - Alpha Amylase formulation for Sugar industry

A Unique Silica formulation to reduce the foam during Fermentation


Eco friendly Defoaming Agent and Antifoaming Agents

Specialty of foaming ingredients, due to various nature of input solids and operating conditions, process severe problems in handling of molasses fermentation etc. thus resulting in high consumption of defoaming and antifoaming agents.

It is right time to give a thought over modern concept of Eco friendly defoaming agent and antifoaming agents so as to meet the global standards.

Belgaum based Prions Biotech has developed a unique formulation of Silicon based natural formulation FOAM BAN – PR to put the full stop for the Foams

A Unique Silica formulation to reduce the foam during Fermentation

Technopol-PR – High Grade Polymeric Organic Solvent

(A unique 100% OPA replacement product)

Technopol-PR is a high grade polymeric Organic Solvent. This is the best possible substitute for the Ortho-phosphoric acid. There is no need to use any other exorbitantly costly materials.

DOSAGE GUIDELINES of Polymeric Organic Solvent:

01Kg Technopol-PR in replacement of 10Kg Phosphoric acid.


Ensure the dilution of Technopol-PR with water in 1:10 ratio before application.


  1. Technopol-PR is neutral, hence no sugar inversion like OPA.
  2. It drastically reduces the coloring matters in clear juice as well as in syrup, yielding high quality sugar.
  3. Total removal of calcium, magnesium and non-sugars increases the efficiency of heating surfaces due to less scaling.
  4. Very much economical as compared to any other sugar processing chemical, including OPA.
High Grade Polymeric Organic Solvent

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