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Microsyst Mitigator in Aquaculture Pond


Algae is a major problem in the aquaculture field. Many farmers use Biocides to kill these harmful microcystins. which caused several farmers to prematurely harvest within 30 days. Microcysts cannot be killed completely by using any biocides. It can be controlled by removing phosphorus availability to the microcysts. Phosphorus is a macro nutrient that acts as a major nutrient for the growth of Blue-green algae.
Higher levels of Algal blooms cause problems below in the pond. 1. It blocks sunlight because this phytoplankton growth depletes.
2. Releases potential toxins. It affects aqua biota. It also acts as a nutrient competitor for aquatic livestock.
3. Causes off flavor in Shrimp and fish ponds because of an aerobic reaction.
Greenish scum chocks the gills and turbidity clog the gills leading to respiratory problems. Algae Controller-PR is a bioaugmentation technology containing Multi enzymes and probiotics which cleave and naturally consume phosphorus so that Algae will be reduced because of a lack of nutrient supplements. The bacterial consortium includes B. pumilus and B. amyloliquefaciens.


1.0 kg per acre with 1-meter water depth.
Use 500 gms as the first dose and use the remaining 500 gms after the 5th day of the first application.


Bacterial consortium includes B | Pumilus and B | Amyloliquefaciens Directions: Propagate Algae clean-PR 24 hours before the pond application (By using Jaggery and water). Apply at 10 am, by mixing with sufficient water and spraying all over the water surface.


Ensure No use of Chemicals or Disinfectants that harm the efficiency of Algae Controller-PR


1 kg/ 1 Litre and 5 Litre packing.


  • Improve water quality for Aquatic species
  • Reduce Blue Green Algae in the pond water which causes microcyst
  • controls the major three genera of cyanobacteria
  • Maintains PH, Alkalinity Hardness, and Salinity.