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PRIONS BIOTECH – A Leading Biotechnology Company for Enzymes, Probiotics and Organic Solutions

Prions Biotech is a global biotechnology company based in Belgaum, Karnataka. We are the Prions Group. We were founded on the principle that businesses have a moral obligation to contribute to society and community. This principle has guided us for more than half a century but it has always been our customers who have been the key to our success.

The problems, the needs and even the desires of our customers have continuously inspired us to innovate and develop complete solutions, not just products. We engage and listen to our customers; and this is how we’re able to see the world as they do. And the world they see is the one we’re committed to improving.

Our growth is fuelled with an immense drive to be a leading player in our field and our higher purpose of ‘Growing Together by being Spiritually Fulfilled, Socially Just and Environmentally Sustainable’.In the wake of recent environmental concerns jeopardizing the future of the world.

Prions Biotech has championed the cause of providing enzymes, probiotics and indigenous organic solutions for Agriculture, Distillery, Sugar, Nutraceutical, Wastewater treatment, aquaculture, lake bioremediation, animal health care and solid waste management. The novelty and efficiency of our products have gained appreciation worldwide.

Prions Biotech– A complete customized solution! Prions Biotech is created as one of the top Environment Biotech companies in the world.


Animal Health

Our (GMP Certified) innovative customized enzyme and probiotic consortia helps in improving the over all health of the animals including birds and ruminants and improve the skin and health.


Our FSSAI certified enzymes for various segments including Distillery, Sugar, Winery, Tea, Fruit juice processing and Ice cream processing. Enzymes are eco-friendly in nature

Agri Biotech

Our VEDIC Organic certified products helps farmers to adopt new solutions to feed a growing global population in a sustainable way. We closely work with the farmers by helping in a natural way.

Solid Waste Management

Our Bio augmented Enzymes and Probiotic consortia Expedite composting with microbes that speedily convert complex wastes into simpler forms without emission of foul odours.

Waste water management

Our innovative GMP Certified product Envirozyme-PR and Septozyme-PR solutions resolves the solid and liquid waste water problem by reducing 70% COD.

Aqua Culture

Our CAA certified range of aquaculture solutions (Bio Augmentation) interplay of microbes and enzymes that enhance water and soil quality and boost the health and growth rate of aquatic animals.

Why Choose Us


Our products are not only reasonable but benefit standards of highest quality.


Our certifications include ISO, APEDA, VEDIC and FSSAI


One of the fastest growing Biotechnology Company in the world.


Highly efficient state of art manufacturing facility, offering world class solutions to the clients.


Fully equipped laboratory having decades of experience in Biotechnology.


We work with the farmers and support organic farming and to convert their lands into organic.

good words. good people.

  • We have been using Prions products in our ETP. We have seen the immediate improvement in the performance of our ETP. Envirozyme-PR helps helps in quick stabilization of the plant and restores any shock loads immediately.

    M H SHAHAPURI Project Head,Global Technologies.
  • We have been using Prions products for our ETP and SBio Digestor from past two years. We have got very excellent results with high production of methane gas. The final water clarity was completely colorless and odorless with with Good MLSS developed, which was matching PCB norms.

    William Carvalho
    William Carvalho Manager ETP, Olam Agro India PVT Ltd.
  • We have been using Prions Biotechs products in our ETP. We have seen significance improvement in the performance of our ETP.  It has helped us in maintaining as per PCB Norms. We have also noticed it is resistant to shock loads.

    Manoj Kumbhoje, Manager
    Manoj Kumbhoje, Manager ETP, Athani Sugars Limited


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