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Bengal Gram & Tur Gram Special Chelated Micronutrient : Organic Nutrizyme-5G

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Bengal Gram & Tur Gram Special Chelated Micronutrient


Organic Nutrizyme-5G Combi Bengal gram and Tur gram special is a fully chelated spray dried multi micronutrient and the most renowned product by a continuous chelating process for rapid uptake by the plants. Nanoparticles used here help to get a dust-free microgranular formulation and help in better performance. Which protects against premature fixation and ensures the plant can absorb and utilize the nutrients rapidly.
It has a balanced composition of all micronutrients, in which Fe, Zn, Cu, and Mn are in chelated form. B and Mo are soluble salts making Nanozyme 5G 100% water soluble. Bengal gram and Tur gram is an important commercial crops. Here fertilizer maintenance is also an important aspect. In Bengal gram cultivation micronutrient fertilizer plays an important role in all the stages of the crop. By considering these aspects M/S Prions Biotech Pvt Ltd. has introduced a unique product Organic nutrizyme-5G Bengal gram and Tur gram special.


For drips irrigation systems 200-300 gm of ORGANIC NUTRIZYME 5G COMBI BENGAL GRAM AND TUR GRAM SPECIAL should be mixed in 1000ltr. Need to drench in the interval of water every 20-30 days.
FOLIAR: 2-3ml/ Litre of water spray.


1ltr, 5ltr & 5kg packing