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Low Ph, High Temperature Stable Bacterial Alpha-Amylase for Grain Industry


(Low pH, High temperature stable bacterial alpha-amylase for Grain industries)
LIQ-PR is an enzyme that contains a low pH, thermo-stable starch hydrolyzing Bacterial Alpha-Amylase that is derived from a selected strain of Bacillus sp. LIQ-PR is an endo-amylase that hydrolyzes randomly the alpha-1, 4-glycosidic bonds to reduce the viscosity of gelatinized starch, producing soluble dextrins. It is a liquid enzyme preparation for the enzymatic liquefaction of starch to dextrin.


LIQ-PR is a brown-colored liquid with a specific gravity of 1.12-1.16 and is completely miscible with water. LIQ-PR complies with FAO/WHO, GRAS, and FCC recommended specifications for Food Grade enzymes.


LIQ-PR finds its application in the Grain alcohol and Starch industry and is used for dextrinized starch from various raw materials like corn, millet, tapioca, etc.


50 Ltr carbo packing.


  • Liquefaction pH is as low as 5.5 and as high as 6.5
  • Process flexibility
  • Quick Viscosity reduction
  • Low dosage. At lower dosages dramatic increase in DE
  • Faster reduction in viscosity so that the plant can operate at a high level of dry solids
  • High starch conversion/high DX
  • Low maltose(disaccharide) generation
  • Low pentose(trisaccharide) formation
  • Fewer color substances formation
  • Good performance without addition of calcium in most conditions