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Cattle Feed for Milk Production


Nutri Cal Pro-PR is used widely for increasing milking capability of cattle. It can be treated as cattle feed. Enzymes are added to the feed either directly or as a premix together with vitamins, minerals, and other feed additives. Nutri Cal Pro-PR is a rational combination of enzymes fortified with valuable herbal extracts designed and developed to enhance fiber digestibility & to optimize the utilization of all essential nutrients from feed to boost milk yield with an improved fat profile.

Liquid Calcium For Cow Solves Calcium Deficiency Issues

Milk synthesis is a highly demanding process in cows. The increased demand will render the cow low in calcium during the initial lactation stage. Cows require about two to three times of regular calcium needs. Compared to pregnant cows, postpartum cows need more calcium in their body. More importantly, the increase in calcium demand must be addressed quickly post-birth and depleted calcium must be supplemented properly. The metabolic adaptation of such a large magnitude is effectively addressed using Nutri Cal Pro-PR. It prevents hypocalcemia, which is more commonly called milk fever in cows.


EACH 100 Ml contains


Calcium = 7200 mg D3 15000 IU | Vitamin B12 Chelated Zinc 1600 mg - Silymarine = 600 mg | Jivanti - | Phosphorus = 3600 mg | Vitamin A = 14400 IU | Vitamin 150 mcg | Vitamin E Potassium Iodide 300 1000 mg | Shatavari - 50 mg | Vitamin H (Biotin) - 5 mg | Chelated Copper - 200 mg 1000 mg | Dextrose = 1000 mg | Energy Value = 670 K.J. | Milk Engancing Herbal Ext. = q.s. | Bifidogenic Factors = q.s.


For a cow, buffalo, horses, and camel, 50 ml to 100 ml daily | For sheep, goat, and calves, 10 to 20 ml daily | For calves, 20 ml twice a day


5 Ltr Can


  • Increases milk production
  • Improves growth of younger cows
  • Prevents milk fever
  • Prevents negative energy balance
  • Prevents calcium deficiencies that cause rickets, osteoporosis, etc
  • Helps in the growth of strong bones