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Water-Soluble Fertilizers with Premium Nutrient Solutions

Prions Biotech's Water Soluble Fertilizers - the secret to thriving crops and bountiful harvests. Our range of premium fertilizers is meticulously crafted to provide your plants with the essential nutrients they need for optimal growth and exceptional quality. With a focus on NPK ratios and innovative formulations, our products ensure superior results, whether you're cultivating crops in greenhouses or open fields.

Nutrizyme-5G 19-19-19 triple-nineteen water-soluble fertilizer is a 100% water-soluble drip fertilizer that contains a balanced blend of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potash. It's a game-changer for your crops, stimulating vigorous growth, enhancing root development, and promoting overall plant health.

Nutrizyme-5G 00-52-34, an exceptional source of PK fertilizers. Perfect for drip irrigation and foliar spray, this fertilizer is suitable for all crops. Plus, it's chlorine and sodium-free, making it gentle on leaves and roots.

NPK 13-00-45 is a 100% water-soluble fertilizer, containing nitrogen and potassium, that can be sprayed on a wide variety of crops. Whether you're growing cotton, potatoes, vegetables, or fruit crops, our NPK 13-00-45 will significantly increase yields and enhance the quality of your harvest.

Unlock the benefits of potassium with our Potassium Sulphate and Potassium Schoenite fertilizers. These fully water-soluble formulas are designed for fertigation and foliar application. They provide essential macro and micronutrients, ensuring instant absorption and remarkable crop improvement.

Enhance flower formation, fruit setting and overall productivity with Prions NPK 13-40-13. This mixed-grade fertilizer with a 1:3:1 ratio stimulates root development and boosts crop growth.

For a well-balanced solution, try our Prions Water-Soluble Fertilizer NPK 20-20-20. Formulated with high-quality nutrients, including magnesium and trace elements, this fertilizer ensures perfect assimilation and prevents deficiencies. It's suitable for a wide range of plants at various growth stages, delivering consistent results throughout the year.

Prions Biotech also offers a selection of speciality fertilizers, including Ammonium Sulphate, Magnesium Sulphate, Calcium Nitrate, and Boronated Calcium Nitrate. These premium products address specific nutrient deficiencies and provide the necessary elements for robust plant growth, nutrient uptake, and improved crop quality.

Experience the power of Prions Biotech's water-soluble fertilizers and unlock the full potential of your crops. Witness remarkable growth, abundant harvests, and a more prosperous future. Take the first step towards success today and choose Prions Biotech for unparalleled results.